A Review on Phytochemical Profile of Pseudarthriaviscida (Salaparni): A Valued Medicinal Plant

Author(s): Shivani Prajapati and Miral Patel

The development of rapid and accurate methods of screening the plants for particular chemicals has immensely speeded up the phytochemical Investigation. Plants have potent phytochemicals with medicinal importance since time immortal. India is a rich bio resource of well-known medicinal plants practiced traditionally for use of herbal Medicine. It is generally estimated that over 6000 plants in India are in use in traditional, folk and herbal, medicine representing about 75% of the medicinal needs of the third world Countries. One such medicinal herb used in Indian Ayurvedic systems of medicine is Pseudarthriaviscida (Salaparni). A review of phytochemical profile of Pseudarthriaviscida has been presented considering its ethno-medicinal Importance.

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