A Poynting vector/field conservation equation and gravity-The Murad-Brandenburg equation

Author(s): Paul A.Murad, John E.Brandenburg

A corollary of the ‘Big Bang’ theory is that in the beginning, there was only one separate kind of force that suddenly evolved into gravity, nuclear, electric and magnetic forces. Is it conceivable that the Poynting vector is a separate intermediate entity before this separation of forces occurred? This is proposed within the GEM unification theory and suggests that Poynting vectors are present in both gravity wave fields as well as EM fields. An obvious conclusion is that since the Poynting vector consists of the cross product of the electric and magnetic fields, of which each obeys wave equations, then it is reasonable to assume that conservation of the Poynting vector itself should also obey a wave equation. Moreover, by converse reasoning, this Poynting field mathematically further establishes that either a torsion field or gravitational field may be directly coupled that also obeys a wave partial differential equation. This derived Poynting equation uses two different formalisms, and surprisingly a Poynting field may also offer a new path for investigating physics and electrical engineering as well as create consequences for a new methodology to expand advanced propulsion systems.

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