A plausible advanced propulsion device to go to Mars

Author(s): P.A.Murad, J.E.Brandenburg, M.J.Boardman

Several propulsion techniques are currently available for traveling for long distances. Some of these involve propelling mass as a high-speed ejector to produce thrust such as rocket motors, ion and hall accelerators; others look at propellantless devices similar to Slepian and Woodward’s Machian device and the microwave powered EmDrive. The obvious advantage of propellantless is that a spacecraft’s weight can be more efficient in terms of more payload in lieu of including a large weight fraction involving fuels and/or oxidizers. A device was created and tested that resembled the Searle device modified similar to Godin and Roschin’s device with some additional modifications. This electromagneticpropellantless device, when rotated, reduced 7% of its weight according to accurate experimental investigations. Several theories to explain this difference were created to include the Poynting field, a system employing DeBroglie’s matter waves, on to dealing with magnetic dipoles, and these offer promises to provide a workable propulsion scheme, which is discussed for consideration. If modified further, this device may offer a capability that could provide an advanced propulsion system comparable representing a watershed event to goto Mars. This concept/system, if feasible, will represent an exotic and game-changing technology to create new thinking facilitating movements to support more serious space travel situations/ missions.

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