A New Organic Solvent Tolerant Marinobacter Litoralis Strain AKT1 Produced Organic Solvent Stable Esterase

Author(s): Anil Kumar S, Arunasri R and Sulochana MB

Organic solvent tolerant microorganisms (OSTMs) are novel group of extremophilic microorganisms that have developed resistance to withstand solvent toxicity. These organisms play an important role in biotransformation of organic compounds. In the present study, a novel organic solvent tolerant marine bacterium, Marinobacter litoralis strain AKT1 was isolated fromtheArabian Seawater Kovalam, Trivandrum, India. StrainAKT1 was identified as Marinobacter litoralis based on biochemical test and 16S rRNAgene sequence. The strainAKT1 was able to grow and produce extracellular esterase in a medium containing various organic solvents. This is the first report on organic solvent tolerant esterase fromM. litoralis. The solvent-stable enzyme produced by this strain can be used as catalyst for reactions in the presence of organic solvents. M. litoralis esterase displayed activity in presence of organic solvents at 50% concentration and stability after 1 hr incubation.

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