A Cross Sectional Study on Assessment of Self-Medication Practice among Professional and Non Professional Subjects (CASPANS-WGL-1)

Author(s): Subash Vijaya Kumar, Shilpa Sirumalla and Hima Bindu Porika

Now a days there has been increasing trend for self-medication among the Indian population. Craving for medicine and self-medication has been part of mankind from one generation to another. People generally hold the view that medicines should be used in the event of any sickness or discomfort during the life time. The main objective of present study assessment of self medication practices among medical and non medical profession. The study was conducted on a sample of randomly selected pharmacy and degree students of Kakatiya University; Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Andhra Pradesh; The age of the students ranged from 17 years to 60 years both sex were questioning. Asemi structured questionnaire was prepared; data was collected over 12 months period using self administered questionnaire. The study period was conducted from August 2012 to August 2013. Data collected, interview the medicos and non medicos who agreed to participate in the study during interview enquiring about the personal data. A total of 1002 out of 1050 questionnaires were completed filled returned to the researcher, giving a response data of 95.4%. Characteristically average age for the respondents was 26 years old, and most responders were females (54.5%) of non medical professionals. The majorities reported to have health insurance living with in the area where a clinic or pharmacy is close, and were mostly free from chronic disease. Approximately 73.05% of the respondents reported that they do practice self medication. Self medication was practiced by 17.6% of medical, 79.5% of non medical and others were found to be of 2.79%of 45.6%male and 54.5%female suggesting that the practice of self medication, in general was independent of gender or type of profession. The most common class of medication used in self medication was anti pyretic and analgesics particularly paracetamol which was reported by 59.6% of the respondents. Reasons for self medication noted are wide advertisements of medicines in televisions, news papers, magazines results in selection of inappropriate drugs for disease condition leading to the misjudgement of the disease resulted in drug complications and mortality rate.

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