A conjecture on quantum horizontal gene transference, entanglement, and transport

Author(s): Morgan J.Boardman

Genetic information transference may hypothetically occur through quantum entanglement of microscopic photon-pairs that use larger groupings of particles (>1012 atom groups) and/or simply travel through the use of photons as a data carrier. Furthermore, it is possible that entanglement and transport of particles of organic material may very well provide the energy and template necessary for horizontal gene transference to occur non-locally on a quantum level resulting in spontaneous nucleotide replication. This represents the transmission of a vast amount of data with regard to the potential transmission of genotype (information) or even phenotype (chemical) media. This data might be utilized as raw data stored and transmitted for bio-quantum-computing at light speed. Another potential use is to seed dangerous bacteria and viruses with inherent weaknesses. This possible future means may create transport or replication over large distances and near light speed or faster for complex organisms as a spatial transport mechanism. Another potential application in space travel would be the ability to pass tight photon beams through a sample of medication that would affect the same response as taking an actual dose. This would result in requiring less weight to be transported of medical supplies on long missions.

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