A composite band of facial features within a winding valley of Libya Montes on the planet Mars

Author(s): William R.Saunders, George J.Haas, James S.Miller, Michael A.Dale

This is an analysis of a horizontal band of facial features located along the south facing side of a winding valley within the Libya Montes region of Mars observed in NASA images provided by the Mars Global Surveyor and the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) spacecraft. The images reveal a composite set of three fused portraits that exhibit the contours and defining aspects of three human and humanoid faces. Anatomical measurements of the three faces include individual eyes, nose, mouth, and chin features. When taken together these facial components induce the visual impression of sliced and conjoined faces exhibiting a unique set of proportional facial features. The claim of intelligent design is offered and a geologist and geoscientist examine natural mechanisms that could contribute to the formation of these features. A terrestrial comparison of aesthetic and iconographic motifs is investigated. Further study and a request for additional images of these facial components are also encouraged.

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