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Pharmacochemistry International Journals

 Pharmacochemistry deals with the composition and preparation of substances which are used in patient treatment or diagnostic studies. International Journals on Pharmacochemistry aims at sharing research ideas among scientists from various professions and advancing impressive medical , scientific, medical, and drug sciences. The book is also seeking to establish an effective route of interaction between departments of government and educational and research organisations. The Worldwide Journal of Pharmacochemistry is an online journal published three months ago that publishes professional research papers, editorials, mini-comments, short communications and comments on pharmacochemistry. Pharmacochemistry combines two sciences, namely, Pharmacy and Epidemiology. The aims of International Journals on Pharmacochemistry are to create an effective scientific society of interaction between scientists and experts, government agencies, educational and research organizations and individuals concerned with pharmacochemistry 's complicated positions. It is also designed to share and organize improvements in the pharmaceutical and health systems fields from research labs to health organizations.  

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