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Osteonecrosis can cause serious agony and inability, much like joint pain does. Early finding and early treatment may improve the result. Osteonecrosis may result from utilization of glucocorticoid (once in a while called corticosteroid) medication or from drinking a lot of liquor. Despite the fact that osteonecrosis can happen in practically any bone of the body, the hips, knees and shoulders are the most widely recognized locales influenced. The bones and bone marrow of the human body are comprised of living cells that need a consistent blood flexibly to remain sound. On the off chance that blood stream to these bone cells extraordinarily diminishes, the cells may kick the bucket, making the bone breakdown. This procedure is called osteonecrosis. Osteonecrosis can prompt agony, joint pain and constrained utilization of influenced joints. A few people may even need joint substitution medical procedure.