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Open Access Cancer Biomarker Journal

A cancer biomarker mentions to a method that is indicative of the occurrence of cancerous diseaseous disease in the body. A biomarker may be a molecule secreted by a tumor or a specific answer of the body to the presence of cancer. Genetic, epigenetic, proteomic, glycomic, and imaging biomarkers can be utilised for cancerous disease diagnosis, prognosis, and epidemiology. Perfectly, such biomarkers can be assayed in non-invasively collected biofluids like body-fluid or serum. Risk evaluation of cancerous disease biomarkers, particular those affiliated with genetic mutations or epigenetic alterations, often offer a quantitative way to determine when persons are predisposed to particular kinds of cancers. Prognosis and treatment propositions is another use of biomarkers in cancerous disease surgery for infection prognosis, which take place after an one-by-one has been identified with cancerous disease. Here biomarkers can be helpful in working out the aggressiveness of recognised cancerous disease as well as its prospect of answering to a granted remedy. In part, this is because tumors displaying particular biomarkers may be responsive to treatments joined to that biomarker's sign or occurrence.