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As a component of our proceeding with research program committed to counterfeit photosynthesis, which depends on multi-photon and multi-electron forms, we have as of late returned to the physical science, and particularly the electrochemistry of pyridinium subsidiaries as multi-electron acceptors. Here we report on the structure and rich electrochemistry of two classes of super-electrophores that share the unprecedented element of having the option to experience a two-electron decrease in a solitary advance. The working of these superelectrophores depends on the charming wonder of potential reversal which can be actualized in various manners that really relate to two diverse electrochemical ideal models. From one perspective, there are polyaryl-subbed pyridiniums alluded to as stretched Expanded Pyridiniums (EPs), that are multifunctional stages including great electrophoric properties and furthermore successful chromophoric and luminophoric exercises. Then again, there are explicitly collected multi-electrophoric mixes, alluded to as Structronic Assemblies (SAs), described by their electrochemical hysteresis, that permit the capacity of electrons in the structure compound bonds utilized as electron stores. Extraordinary accentuation is in this set on the defense of electrophoric properties and the systems that clarify the strange electrochemical conduct of these two classes (EPs and SAs) of super-electrophores. These investigations consolidate different exploratory strategies (crystallography, NMR, electrochemistry just as in situ UV-vis. furthermore, IR spectroelectrochemistry) with hypothetical displaying. At last, the way these sorts of super-electrophores (EPs and SAs) could be utilized inside the structure of examination gave to man-made photosynthesis will be evoked. 

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