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Diary of Integrative Medicine (JIM) is a companion assessed diary supported by Shanghai Association of Integrative Medicine and Shanghai Changhai Hospital, China. It is a continuation of the Journal of Chinese Integrative Medicine (JCIM), which was set up in 2003 and distributed in Chinese language (The phonetic romanization of the Chinese title utilized by MEDLINE/PubMed is Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao). Since 2013, JIM has been distributed in English language. JIM is an interdisciplinary diary concentrating on scholastic examination and clinical investigations in the field of integrative medication. It plans to be a main diary for concentrates in integrative medication, and to advance correspondence and reconciliation among customary restorative frameworks, correlative and elective medication (CAM), and regular western medication. The article board is focused on distributing great papers on integrative medication and making an open gathering in which the universal insightful network can trade sees, share research and clinical experience, examine integrative medication training, and discuss issues and issues in our different orders and in integrative medication in general. The diary's worldwide extension guarantees that examination and progress from all areas of the world are broadly secured.


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