Diamond based optical circuritry is assisting with driving the second quantum upheaval and to kick off something new in organic applications, nonlinear photonics and optoelectronics. Nonetheless, for a long time incorporated jewel photonic frameworks have been constrained to semi planar geometries and accordingly not considered for 3-D photonic systems. This year, we utilized femtosecond laser lithography to manufacture 3-D waveguide structures on a polycrystalline precious stone stage as an initial step to such a photonic organize. New creation schedules dependent on direct laser composing have as of late been utilized to incorporate a 3-D optical framework on a monocrystalline precious stone stage. Jewel is a main contender as the material of decision for the quantum PC industry. This potential emerges for the most part from the quantum properties of shading focuses in precious stone. In any case, before precious stone can understand its maximum capacity, the innovation to create and shape jewel just as, if worse than, silicon must be created. A far reaching preparing capacity for precious stone that will permit the creation of qubits and their related photonic structures is required. Here we portray the momentous properties of precious stone shading communities, and the procedures being created to design qubits and shape solid structures around them 

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