Photonics is the technological know-how and technology of generating, controlling, and detecting photons, which might be particles of light. Photonics underpins technologies of every day life from smartphones to laptops to the Internet to medical devices to lighting technology. The twenty first century will depend as a lot on photonics as the 20 th century trusted electronics. This web page will include links and assets to will let you find out about photonics and apprehend its effect on the world.Photonics is the technology of light. It is the technology of generating, controlling, and detecting mild waves and photons, that are debris of light. The traits of the waves and photons can be used to discover the universe, remedy diseases, and even to solve crimes. Scientists were studying mild for hundreds of years. The shades of the rainbow are handiest a small part of the entire mild wave range, referred to as the electromagnetic spectrum. Photonics explores a wider variety of wavelengths, from gamma rays to radio, along with X-rays, UV and infrared light.

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