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An audit of licenses and writing uncovers an advancement in materials innovations.The advancement has been driven by an expanded comprehension of the physiological needs of the cornea, starting with the principal hydrogel focal points created by Wichterle, trailed by an assortment of high water hydrogels. Oxygen transmission necessities have been tended to using siloxane and fluorosiloxane containing hydrogels. A significant advancement has been the energy about the significance of polymer stage morphology on focal point development on the eye. In corresponding with these exercises have come the progressions in materials appropriate to high volume, minimal effort creation important for the present day by day dispensable focal points. Contact Lens and Anterior Eye is an exploration based diary covering all parts of contact focal point hypothesis and work on, remembering unique articles for creation and advancements, just as the customary highlights of: Case Reports; Literary Reviews; Editorials; Instrumentation and Techniques and Dates of Professional Meetings.  

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