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 Coccidiodomycosis is normally known as cocci. It is otherwise called valley fever. otherwise called California fever, desert stiffness and san Jaoquin valley fever. It is a mammalian parasitic malady brought about by Coccidiodes posadasii. Generally this ailment is found in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico,Texas and Northern mexico. The indications incorporate flu like ailment with fever, hack, cerebral pains, rash and joint torment. The organism was additionally as of late found in south-focal Washington. Individuals can get valley fever by taking in the minute parasitic spores from the air, albeit a great many people who take in the spores  become ill. For the most part, individuals who become ill with valley fever will show signs of improvement all alone inside weeks to months, yet a few people will require antifungal prescription. It is hard to forestall Coccidioidesin presentation however the individuals who are at higher hazard for valley fever ought  to abstain from taking in a lot of residue.