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 Firstly, Mangiferin was isolated from the bark and leaves of Mangifera indica. It can also be mined from kernels and mango peels, Iris unguicularis, Anemarrhena asphodeloides rhizomes and Bombax ceiba leaves. It is also originate in the genera Salacia and Cyclopia. The individual gold-orange fluorescence of these complexes under ultraviolet light has been used to aid in the chromatographic identification of hybrid Aspleniums. Initial study is showed on the potential biological properties of mangiferin, though there are no confirmed anti-disease possessions or prescription drugs approved, as of 2019. Amongst the collection of Asplenium hybrids known as the "Appalachian Asplenium complex", isomangiferin and mangiferin are twisted only by Asplenium montanum and its hybrid descendants.  

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