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 The new diary, Chinese Medicine (CM), is a companion surveyed, open access, global, interdisciplinary and insightful diary in Chinese medication. CM means to give proof drove power to the progression of Chinese medication research. CM is the official diary of the International Society for Chinese Medicine (ISCM) with scholarly help from driving examination organizations as its individuals and money related help from the Macao Foundation of the Macao Special Administrative Region, China. Chinese Medicine will fill in as an impartial and non-business stage for distributing propelled Chinese medication research. An open access online rendition of CM is distributed by BioMed Central (BMC) a London-based driving distributer of biomedical diaries. ISCM likewise distributes a print rendition of CM.

CM distributes articles announcing important exploration with general enthusiasm for any part of Chinese medication, for example, essential examination, clinical examination, philosophies, speculations and judgments, materia medica, needle therapy and other non-pharmacologic modalities of the Chinese clinical framework

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