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 Biological engineering is an emerging discipline that includes engineering philosophy and repetition connected to and derived from the science of biology research on the continuum of biological information science, molecules and cells, product development, wastes and remediation, and educational developments in curriculum content. Manuscripts should explore International Researcher in the pharmaceutical and biomedical forum. The goal of this periodical is to keep a record of the state-of-the-art research and to encourage study, research, and improvement within its various specialties.  Commonalities with other fields of application by providing some discussion participates biological sciences and engineering, Journal of Biological Engineering Research and Review will cover materials, methods, devices, systems, processes, and technology that facilitate the understanding of Biological Sciences, Engineering and Technology in our open access membership program, some or all of the publication cost may be covered of the broader context of the work. The periodical is devoted to publishing papers related to clinical engineering, biomedical signals, medical imaging, bio-informatics, tissue engineering, and so on. Other than the above articles disseminating information in the field of biological engineering and technology, the journal aims to publish high quality.  

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