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The term cardiology is gotten from the Greek words "cardia," which alludes to the heart and "logy" signifying "investigation of." Cardiology is a part of medication that worries sicknesses and clutters of the heart, which may extend from innate imperfections through to gained heart maladies, for example, coronary supply route ailment and congestive heart failure.Physicians who spend significant time in cardiology are called cardiologists and they are answerable for the clinical administration of different heart infections. Cardiovascular specialists are the pro doctors who perform surgeries to address heart disordersSome of the significant achievements in the order of cardiology are recorded underneath: 1628 The dissemination of blood was depicted by an English Physician William Harvey. 1706 A French life systems educator, Raymond de Vieussens, depicted the structure of the heart's chambers and vessels. 1733 Blood pressure was first estimated by an English priest and researcher called Stephen Hales. 1816 A French doctor, Rene Laennec, concocted the stethoscope.

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