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, Volume: 9( 3) DOI: 10.37532/2277-2669.9.3.09

High Energy Optics & Optical Technologies


The optical fibers are laid out in ITU-T with regard to the geometrical, optical, transmission and mechanical attributes listed in Table 1-1. However, as shown within the same table, for a few attributes there’s not the specification of a worth or limit. Fiber attributes are people who are retained throughout cabling and installation. Among the fiber attributes only those providing a minimum essential design framework for fiber manufacture are recommended (e.g. mode field diameter, cladding diameter, cut-off wavelength, macrobending loss). Chromatic dispersion coefficient is additionally included in these attributes. Cable attributes are recommended for cables in factory lengths as they’re delivered. The attenuation coefficient and therefore the polarization mode dispersion (PMD) coefficient are included among the cable attributes since they will be suffering from the cabling process. Link attributes are characteristic of concatenated cables. A concatenated link usually includes variety of spliced factory lengths of optical fiber cable. The transmission parameters for concatenated links must take under consideration not only the performance of the individual cable factory lengths, but also the statistics of concatenation. The transmission characteristics of the factory length optical fiber cables will have a particular probability distribution which frequently must be taken under consideration if the foremost economic designs are to be obtained. Link attributes are suffering from factors aside from optical fiber cables by such things as splices, connectors and installation.

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