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, Volume: 9( 3) DOI: 10.37532/2277-2669.9.3.07

A New Green Synthesis Technique


All leaves of Pogostemon benghalensis (B) Katz. (Assamese vernacular name-shukloti) are collected some villages close to Dibrugarh University field. Once assembling, 20gm of contemporary leaves are washed with faucet and deionized water and finely cut. These cut leaves ar placed throughout a 300ml Erlenmeyer flask with 100ml of sterile de-ionized water and boil the mixture for 5minute and filtered through what Mann no forty two filter paper. Plant extract 4ml are additional into 100ml answer of 1mM nitrate in round shape flask of 250ml content at temperature. The solution is shacked and boil at some sure temperatures ranges 30degreeC by hot plate magnetic stirrer for 24hours at 150rpm (REMI-1MLH). Again, the solution is shacked throughout a high speed centrifuge at eighteen, 000rpm for 5 min (REMI-R-24). The color amendment in reaction mixture (metal particle answer + plant extract) is record through visual observation. Xanthus black color look indicates formation of silver nanoparticle. This color changes due to surface Plasmon resonance of silver Nano particles