Water Resistant Fluorine-Free Technologies for Synthetic Fabrics

Author(s): Nikolay Barashkov, Tamara Sakhno, Anatoliy Semenov, Irina Irgibayeva and Yuriy Sakhno

The authors pointed out the disadvantages of well known poly(fluoroalkyl acrylate) coatings that were broadly used in the past for providing a water repellency for rainwear. It was found that hydrophobic organic-inorganic hybrid materials described by the authors of this article provide a beneficial alternative to poly(fluoroalkyl acrylates) due to their environmentally and toxicologically friendly nature. Several basic approaches to improved hydrophobicity and superhydrophobicity are considered and their applicability for enhancing hydrophobic properties of polyester and polyamide fibers is analyzed. The prospects of using titanium-based precursors and organic silanes in sol-gel processes appear to be most realistic in terms of practical application.

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