Ultrasonic Studies on Interaction of Benzoic Acid, Salicylic Acid and 4 –Hydroxy Benzoic Acid In Water- Dioxane and Water-Dmf Mixtures At 303.15 K

Author(s): S. S. Dhok, V. B. Khobragade, P. D. Sawalakhe and M. L. Narwade

The ultrasonic velocity and density of aromatic acids-Benzoic acid, salicylic acid and 4-hydroxy benzoic acid in different compositions of dioxane-water and DMF-water have been studied at 303.15K. The data obtained were used to evaluate adiabatic compressibility, apparent molar compressibility (фk), apparent molar volume, (фv), intermolecular free length, specific acoustic impendence and relative association. These data were utilized in the establishment of solute-solvent interactions under prevailing conditions. The data supports strong solute solvent interaction in the order of Salicylic acid >4- hydroxy benzoic acid >Benzoic acid in both Dioxane-water and DMF-water systems.

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