Ulrasonic Behaviour and Study of Molecular Interaction of Substituted 3,5-diaryl isoxazoline in 70% DMF-Water Mixture at 32oC

Author(s): S. A. Thorat and S. D. Thakur

The acoustical properties have been investigated from the ultrasonic velocity and density measurement of 3-(2- hydroxy-3-bromo-4-nitro-5-methyl)-5-(3-nitrophenyl)isoxazoline(L1) in 70% DMF-water mixture have been carried out in the concentration range 1 × 10-2 – 5 × 10-2 mol dm-3 and in different percentages of DMF-water mixture. The measurement have been perform to evaluate acoustical parameters such as –Ultrasonic Velocity (Us), Density (ds), Adiabatic compressibility (βs), Intermolecular length (Lf), Apparent molal volume (φv), Apparent adiabatic compressibility (φk(s)), relative association (RA), specific acoustic impedence (Zs). The result have been interpreted in terms of solute-solvent interaction.

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