Transition Model Analysis of Bismuth Oxide Quantum Dots

Author(s): R. G. Dubey, K. R. Nemade and S. A. Waghuley

The bismuth oxide is very stable metal oxide with wide range of applications. The bismuth oxide quantum dots (QDs) were arrested through chemical method. The Bi2O3 QDs were prepared by varying bismuth nitrate (0.25-1M) in constant 1M hexamethylenetetramine. The samples were characterized by UV-Vis analysis. Quantum size effect where the electronic and optical properties of solids are altered due to changes in the band structures. This change in band structure studied by means of UV spectroscopy using transition probability model. The highest value of optical band gap was found to be 4.5 eV at 0.5M concentration of bismuth nitrate where as smallest QDs radius 2.56 nm also found for same concentration.

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