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Transference Number and Electrical Conductivity Measurement of Fe3+ Doped Dipyridine-Polyvinyl Acetate Composite Films

Author(s): Gopal. R. Dhokane, Chandrakant. S. Ulhe, Shrikrishna. P. Yawale and Sangita. V. Pakade

Wagner polarization method is a simple and well known method for the transference number measurement of polymer composite films. This paper focuses on the study of transference number (ionic and electronic) conductivity as well as dc electrical conductivity of Fe3+ doped dipyridine-polyvinyl acetate (PVAc) composite films synthesized by simple chemical oxidative polymerization method. The values of transference number for the sample synthesized with 10 to 40 wt % FeCl3 are found to be in the range of 0.5064 to 0.8062. The initial increase in ionic transference number (tion) with FeCl3 concentration is due to increase of ion concentration in the composite films, for further increase in FeCl3 concentration may appears due to decrease in ion mobility. This suggests that the charge transport in Polypyridine-PVAc composite is predominantly due to ions. Also we investigate the effect of temperature on dc electrical conduction in Fe3+ doped dipyridine-PVAc composite films in temperature range 308-358 K. The dc electrical conductivity initially increases and reaches to 21.67 x 10-11 S/cm for 25 wt % FeCl3 and then further increase in concentration of oxidizing agent conductivity decreases.

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