Thermal and Kinetic Studies on Some Hydrazinium and Bis-Hydrazine Metal Carboxylates

Author(s): R. Ragul and B. N. Sivasankar

Hydrazinium formate hemi hydrate, HCOON2H5.0.5H2O and its metal complexes viz., [(N2H5)2M(HCOO)4]. H2O where M = Co, Ni or Zn have been prepared and subjected to controlled thermal degradation in air. The thermogravimetry has been used to investigate the thermal decomposition kinetics of the above compounds. This analysis has been extended to the corresponding acetate and glycinate complexes, [(N2H5)2M(CH3COO)4] and [(N2H5)2M(NH2CH2COO)4] where M = Co, Ni or Zn. The kinetic parameters were evaluated using the Coast-Redfern equation. The thermal reactivity and their kinetics have been compared with the corresponding bis-hydrazinium metal carboxylates.

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