The Evaluation of Water Quality Index Around WCL Kolera-Pimpari Coal Mines

Author(s): S. R. Warhate and K. G. Wankar

The objective of this work is to provide information on the ground and surface water Pimpari area in order to appreciate the impacts of mining activities on the quality of water and to discuss its suitability for human consumption from the water quality index values. The water quality of Pimpari village which is very near to the open cast coal mines (WCL Kolera Pimpari) were calculated by considering eight parameters viz. pH, total hardness, TDS, chloride, nitrite, nitrate, sulphate and sodium. For the study the water samples were collected from a Nalha, a river (surface water) and three tube wells (ground water) during Dec. 2003 to April 2006. The nalha receives discharged water from the mine. The river water analysis was carried out considering two stations one before discharged and other after discharged. The study revealed that the water quality is poor at Nalha and unfit for human consumption without treatment whereas, the river and ground water is acceptable.

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