Synthesis of Pb Zeolite From Sodium Alumino Silicate Gel

Author(s): S. K. Devade, P. M. Kandilkar, S. S. Kawar, H. J. Kharat, M. N. Musale, P. S. Ambhore and B. H. Pawar

The PB Zeolite has wide variety of application include separation and recovery of normal paraffin hydrocarbons, catalysis of hydrocarbon reactions, drying of refrigerants, separation of air components, carrying catalysts in the curing of plastics and rubber, removing radioactive ions from radioactive waste solutions. The mixture of two solutions of sodium silicate and sodium aluminate is carried out to obtain homogeneous gel. After continuous stirring and separating water, the discontinuous crystallization is carried out and particle size is controlled. We observed that the mixture is a thick milky gel. After processing, the gel is crystallized into smooth white fine powder. From XRD, IRS and EM Graphs it is clear that the sample is PB type Zeolite. Comparing the results with standard characteristic spectrum, the material can be identified and value of lattice parameter is determined which shows good agreement with the reported value.

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