Synthesis of Ag+ Conducting Glass System for Electrochemical SO2 Gas Sensor

Author(s): Ajay Lad

Ag2O : B2O3 : SiO2 Glass System for n=B+Si/Ag and y=B/B+Si 0.7 ≤ y ≥ 0.94 is synthesized, structurally and electrically characterized with a view to have high glass transition temperature (Tg) for solid state electrochemical SO2 gas sensor operating at 4000-5000C. The glass 25Ag2O : 60B2O3: 15SiO2 gave maximum conductivity value of the order of 10-3 S/cm at 4500C (less than Tg) and low activation energy (Ea = 0.33) due to mixed former effect.

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