Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Activity of Pyrazoline & Amino Cyanopyridine Derivatives of with Vanillin

Author(s): V. R. Dangar, K. N. Borkhataria and V. R. Shah

Pyrazoline derivatives 3-Aryl-5-[4’-(p-chlorobenzyloxy)-3’-methoxyphenyl]-1-(p-fluorophenyl)-4,-5-dihydro-1Hpyrazoles and cyanopyridine derivative of 2-amino-6-aryl-4-[4’-(p-chlorobenzyloxy)-3’-methoxyphenyl]-2-methoxy-3- cyanopyridines were prepared. All the prepared compounds were characterized by their spectral (I.R., N.M.R., Mass) data and screened for their antimicrobial activities.

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