Synthesis and Luminescent Properties of Europium Doped Calcium Sulfide

Author(s): D. N. Game, B. K. Katore, N. B. Ingale and S. K. Omanwar

Sulfide based luminescent materials have attracted a lot of attention for a wide range of photo-, cathodo- and electroluminescecent applications. Upon doping with Ce3+ and Eu2+, the luminescence can be varied over the entire visible region by appropriately choosing the composition of sulfide host. The red photoluminescent phosphor CaS : Eu2+ is widely used in lamp industry and display technology. In this article its synthesis by co-precipitation method and carbo-thermal reduction method is described. Its photoluminescent properties are studied. The PL intensity of the phosphor synthesized by carbo-thermal reduction method is nearly twice that of by co-precipitation method .The PL spectra shows the intense red emission at (λem) 631 nm for λex = 254 nm. In both the cases sub-micron size fine red powder is obtained.

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