Synthesis and Characterization of Nickel Cobalt Cinnamate Hydrazinate : A Precursor for Cobaltite Nanoparticles

Author(s): Manimekalai Rakkiyasamy, Kalpanadevi Kalimuthu and Sinduja Rangasamy

In the present work, a novel precursor nickel cobalt cinnamate hydrazinate has been prepared, which decomposes at 400oC to give the corresponding nanosized mixed-metal oxide. The elemental analysis and spectral studies of the synthesized complex has been carried out. The thermal behaviour of the complex has been studied by thermogravimetry and differential thermal analysis. The infrared analysis of the residue shows two absorption bands in the region 662 cm-1 and 560 cm-1 corresponding to the metal-oxygen stretching from tetrahedral and octahedral sites respectively, which are characteristics of cobaltites. Formation of cobaltite has been confirmed by thermogravimetry (TG) weight loss and X-ray diffraction. Combustion of the precursor in air yields fine powder of cobaltites with large surface area which has been confirmed by XRD patterns.

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