Surface Coating Studies of Polyurethane Terminated Caster Oil Mixture by Using Isophorene Diisocynate - II

Author(s): Dinesh P. Patel, K. S. Nimavat and K. B. Vyas

Castor oil (C) was treated with commercial epoxy resin (E) (diglycidylether of bisphenol-A, DGEBA) at various mole ratios. The resultant products (Castor oil- Epoxy resin) were designated as CEs. Isocyanate terminated caster oil polyurethane (ICOPU) was prepared by reaction of caster oil and various proportion of Isophoren diisocyanate. A commercial alkyd resin was blended with various proportions of CEs and ICOPU. A unique solvent system, which shows a one – phase clear solution and a clear coat of binder system, was used. All the blends were applied on mild steel panels and characterized for drying time, adhesion, flexibility, hardness, impact resistance and chemical resistance properties.

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