Study of SnO2 Pva- Cuso4 Multilayer Gas Sensor

Author(s): S. B. Ingole, Sangita S. Yawale (Pakade) and S. P. Yawale

Solid state gas sensors have great advantage due to their fast sensing response, simple implementation and low price. The solid state gas sensors changed the physical and chemical properties when exposed to different gas atmosphere. Looking into technological and environmental importance many research workers develop the solid-state gas sensors. It is extremely needed to develop the selective, high sensitive and minimum size CO2 gas sensor. The PVA-CuSO4 and SnO2 are used in multilayer form on glass substrate screen-printing technique was used. The sensor response to CO2gas is examined and was used static and dynamic characteristic are studied. On and off time are calculated. It was observed that the sensitivity of the sensor increases with increase in CO2 gas concentration.

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