Studies on effect of coconut pith on reclaimed EPDM/recycled PP composites

Author(s): V.K.Abitha, K.Rajkumar, P.Thavamani

The concern for environment and sustainable growth has createdmore awareness among the researchers to develop composites based on recycled materials andmaterials fromnature. Reuse and recycling extends the useful life of the rawmaterial resources in instanceswhere a market exists for the recycled products, and it is economical to carry out collection and reprocessing. Recycling and reuse of materials have been getting more interest now days. EPDM/ Polypropylene thermoplastic vulcanizates aremost commonly used ones. In the current study reclaim EPDM and recycled polypropylene thermoplastic vulcanizates were prepared by melt blending method. Reclaim EPDMand Recycled PP has been melt blended in a Brabender plasticorder in different ratios and the blend with optimized results was selected for preparation of composite.MA-g-EPDMhas been added as a compatibilizer in reclaimEPDM/recycled Polypropylene blends. Coconut pith in different ratioswas added into ReclaimEPDM/Recycled Polypropylene blends along with MA-g-EPDM and other additives. Physico- mechanical and thermal properties of the coconut pith ReclaimEPDM/ Recycled PP composite has been carried out. The dispersion of coconuut pith in the matrix had been carried out by SEM analysis.

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