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Spin Superfuidity in the Frustrated Two-Dimensional Anisotropic XY Model

Author(s): LS Lima

We use the SU(3) Schwinger’s boson theory to study the spin transport properties in the two dimensional anisotropic frustrated Heisenberg model in the triangular lattice at T = 0. We have investigated the behavior of the spin conductivity for this model which presents an single-ion anisotropy. We study the spin transport in the Bose-Einstein condensation regime where we have that the tz bosons are condensed and the following condition is valid: ⟨tz⟩ = ⟨⟩ = t. Our results show a metallic spin transport for > 0 and a superfluid spin transport in the limit of DC conductivity, →0, where () tends to infinity in this limit of 

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