Some New Bis- and Tris-Hydrazine Transition Metal Aromatic Carboxylates : Preparation and Characterization

Author(s): R. Manimekalai, C. R. Sinduja and K. Kalpanadevi

Bis- and tris- hydrazine complexes of metal phenoxyacetates have been prepared by aqueous reactions. These complexes have been characterized by analytical, spectral and thermal studies. The compositions of the complexes have been determined by analytical studies. The electronic spectra suggest high-spin octahedral geometry for the metal complexes. Infrared spectral data indicate that the bidentate bridging by hydrazine molecules and monodentate coordination by carboxylate ions to the cental metal ion. Thermogravimetry (TG) and differential thermal analyses (DTA) in air have been used to study the thermal behaviour of the complexes. The simultaneous TG-DTA curves of all the complexes in air resulted in the formation of respective metal or metal oxide as final residue. These complexes decompose exothermically either in single step or decompose through respective metal carboxylate intermediates. X-ray powder diffraction patterns of the complexes are almost superimposable with in each of the series indicating isomorphism.

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