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Solar Fuels: Solar Energy for Future World

Author(s): Fawaz El Omar

Solar power is used in a variety of ways by mortals, including for energy and heating, as well as through biofuels and food. Appendix A goes through this area unit in further depth. The report's main focus is on stellar fuels, or fuels produced directly from sunlight. Currently, most fuels for transport, electricity generation and lots of raw materials for business (feedstock’s) area unit made from coal, oil or fossil fuel. solar power are often captured and keep directly within the chemical bonds of a cloth, or ‘fuel’, so used once required. These chemical fuels, within which energy from the sun has deliberately been keep, area unit known as star fuels. There are units 2 ways in which star fuels may well be wont to give property fuels for transport. the primary is victimization H to power H vehicles. The second is employing a combination of H and CO (often remarked as synthesis gas, or syngas) to form liquid fuels for transport (often remarked as artificial fuels). This conversion of H and CO into artificial fuels is termed the FischerTropic method

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