Self-Focusing of Electromagnetic Waves in an Inhomogeneous Plasmas with Arbitrary Large Magnitude of Ponderomotive Non-Linearity

Author(s): Ghanshyam

In this paper, we have investigated the self-focusing behaviour of a radially symmetrical Gaussian Electromagnetic beam propagating in axially inhomogeneous plasma. Considering the non-linearity to arise from ponderomotive phenomena and following the extended version of Sodha et al theory based on the WKB approximation and paraxial ray approximation, the self-focusing behaviour has been investigated in some detail. The effects of different type of axial inhomogeneities in plasma, on the self-focusing of electromagnetic beam have been studied for arbitrary large magnitude of nonlinearity. Results indicate that the plasma behaves as an oscillatory wave–guide. The self-focusing is found to depend on type of axial inhomogeneity as well as characteristics scale length of axial inhomogeneity.

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