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Recycling of Organic waste

Author(s): Falah H. Hussein

Organic waste are often used for something useful, like compost, feed pellet, biomass pellet, and briquette. Before becoming such things, it takes a tool to form it smoother, called a crusher. The target of this work is to try to to mechanical design and 3-D modeling on organic waste crusher. The steps for designing the organic waste crusher involve determining a conceptual physical geometry, conducting mechanical design, and eventually, developing a 3- D working drawing. Manufacturing and testing of the crusher were conducted. 3-D modeling design was used for visualizing space requirements, improves drawing efficiency and accuracy. Mechanical design was applied for hopper, frame and blade. 3-D modeling process was wont to draft the working drawing of an organic waste crusher. 3-D designing is extremely useful for providing accuracy. Mechanical design of designed crusher decided. The working drawings of designed crusher also are presented. The leaf crushed with the designed crusher was ready for composting.

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