Polymer nanofibers deposited via coaxial electrospinning:Amodel for core-shell structured through solutions to Lane-Emden equation

Author(s): K.Boubaker

In this paper, a model to core-shell structured polymer nanofibers deposited via coaxial electrospinning is presented. Investigations are based on a modified Jacobi-Gauss collocation spectral method, proposed along with the Boubaker Polynomials Expansion Scheme BPES, for providing solution to a nonlinear Lane-Emden type equation. The spatial approximation has been based on shifted Jacobi polynomials ( , ) ( ) , P x T N   with , (1,),T  0 and n was the polynomial degree. The Boubaker Polynomials Expansion Scheme BPES main feature, concerning the embedded boundary conditions, have been outlined. The modified Jacobi-Gauss points are used as collocation nodes. Numerical examples are included to demonstrate the validity and applicability of the technique and a comparison is made with existing results. It has been revealed that both methods are easy to implement and yields very accurate results

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