Physicochemical,mechanical and barrier characteristics of biodegradable film from biopolymer (starches)modified by ionic gums and dry heat

Author(s): PramodraoK.Shailesh, Charanjit S.Riar

In the present study, potato, sweet potato and taro starches were modified by dry heating with ionic gums such as carboxy methyl cellulose (CMC) and Sodium Alginate. The native and modified starches were utilized to produce biodegradable films by casting technique. The films were analyzed for physicochemical, mechanical, barrier and biodegradability characteristics. The thickness of film increased significantly with modification whereas maximum effect was seen in potato starch film. Film solubility was higher in acidic as compared to water medium and least solubility was shown by sweet potato starch films. Modification and starch concentration showed significant effect on tensile strength, deformation force and deformation distance. It was found that the water vapour permeability (WVP) decreased significantly with modification and best results were obtained in filmprepared frompotato starchmodified with CMC and heated for 4h. The biodegradability of modified starch films was comparatively less than native starches films. In conclusion the modification of starch produced film with promising barrier property and mechanical strength.

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