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Observations on the Citations of Astronomical Research Papers Articles

Author(s): John Orwell*

The study of the boundaries of observability of objects in the sky, with applications to deducing the truth about historical events or deriving current astronomical information, is known as celestial visibility. This research is based on what ordinary people see in their everyday lives or during historical occurrences. Non-scientists are more interested in the results of such research than in any other aspect of astronomy. In the sense that the number of fascinating applications with simple solutions outnumbers the solved problems, celestial visibility is a young science; it is a large interdisciplinary field that includes work with astronomy, meteorology, optics, physics, physiology, history, and archaeology. Each of these fields contributes specialized mathematical formulas that quantify the various processes that influence light as it leaves a source, travels through the atmosphere, and is detected by the human eye. The results of this model can be used to solve a wide range of problems in the history of, astronomy, archaeology, meteorological optics, and archeoastronomy. This review also includes a dozen project observation options, many of which can be used for individual research, classroom projects, or professional research.

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