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Welcome Message by Editor-in-Chief

Dear Readers,

Journal of Physics and Astronomy (TSPA) is a peer-reviewed, open access journal. It is intended to offer broad interdisciplinary readership, which includes both academia and industries, and covers the broad fields like Astronomy and Physics. Both fundamental and applicative research aspects are welcome.

Continuous research in the field of space science, Fundamental Physics and its sub- fields is great in its variety yielding wide and multiple applications and technological needs. As the research in this field is mostly application and property-oriented, this journal would include a diversity of disciplines with no limiting at Astrophysics, Atomic, Molecular, Optical physics, Biophysics, Chemical Physics, Condensed matter physics, Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics, Quantum Physics, Thermodynamics Physical cosmology, Extragalactic astronomy Stellar astronom, Neutron Astronomy, New Astronomical Techniques and Methods, Planets, Comets, Asteroids and Dust, Pulsar Magnetospheres, Solar and Stellar Physics, Space Observation and Exploration,etc.

Furthermore, this journal is planned to be include experimental and/or theoretical approaches for synthesis, characterization (structural, chemical, electronic, magnetic, superconductive, mechanic, elastic), and application of their properties. In this way, the journal can bring a valuable contribution to develop scientific areas of great interest. Therefore, papers submitted for publication should contain novel experimental and/ or theoretical results expressing advancement of the knowledge in its particular field. I would like to welcome all members of the Editorial Board, highly regarded professionals in their fields of activity and to assure them of my full commitment. I hope that together we can lead this journal to high professional standards and through steady and dedicated efforts, to a well-established leading position among the Open access journals.


With regards,
Ireneusz Włodarczyk
Journal of Physics and Astronomy

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