Nano-Ceramic Conducting Glasses : Preparation and Properties

Author(s): R. V. Barde and S. A. Waghuley

The nano-ceramic conducting glasses have possessed technological importance because of their simple composition and strong glass forming characteristics. Several effective approaches have been made to enhance the ionic conductivity and chemical durability of the alkali ion conducting binary phosphate glasses, which include the addition of another glass former, modifier oxide and alkali metal halides. The nano-ceramic glasses are synthesized by conventional quenching technique with nano ceramic as dopant materials. The nanodopants may improve the physical properties of conducting glass. All the molten samples were cast in to a carbon plate in air and annealed at 260°C to remove thermal stresses for 3 h and then very slowly cooled to room temperature. XRD patterns of the alloy containing nano-composites with the base glass have anamorphous nature. The variation in electrical conductivity with temperature may be explained by change in the nano-particles (NPs) ions. The spectroscopical study reveals that the plasmon bands are slowly shifted and depending on increasing ratio of nanoparticles (NPs).

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