Modification of PVC by Addition of (C + MnO2) and Study of their Electrical Properties

Author(s): V. S. Sangawar and D. N. Bhamkar

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) has been modified by addition of (C + MnO2).The addition is 5% and 20% by weight. (C + MnO2) act as a reducing agent and used in dry cells.Short circuit and air gap thermally stimulated conductivity have been studied in the temperature range 303K to 383K. It has been observed that conductivity of (C + MnO2) added PVC is higher than undoped PVC but it is higher for 5 wt. % than 20 wt. % of (C + MnO2).Activation energy values were determined from the slope of log σ vs 1000/T plot and represent electronic conduction in modified PVC and ionic in undoped PVC.

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