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Microbiota Accessible Carbohydrates in Vitro Fermentation

Author(s): Bonginkosi Butsalee

There is possible ability to increase microbiota easy to get to understand carbohydrates (MAC) in whole grains through food processing. Therefore, different processing conditions for boiling and extrusion of whole wheat flour were studied for their effect on MAC. Processing conditions had an almost nothing effect on fermentation response using poop-related samples of very different combination of different substances, objects, people, etc. However, the processing method affected the fermentation of non-digestible carbohydrates and later short chain fatty acids production, but only for a microbiome with high many different kinds of people and a fame of bacteria connected with dietary fiber intake. After that, five processing methods: boiling, extrusion, without being allowed to rise bread, yeast bread, and sourdough bread, were studied for their effects on in vitro fermentation of whole wheat flour using the Poop-related microbiota from subjects. Different grain processing operations caused changing in microbiota combination of different substances, objects, people, etc. and activity. Especially, sourdough bread supported a many different kinds of people microbial community that produced more butyrate and propionate. Looking at things in the opposite way, extrusion led to decreases in many different kinds of people and butyrate and propionate production, but enabled increase carbohydrate fermentation.

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