Highmolecularweight heterocyclic aminothiazole adduct for protection of carbon steel in both 3.5%NaCl and 0.8MHClmediums

Author(s): Heba A.Mohamed

In recent years, there is a considerable effort devoted to find novel and efficient corrosion inhibitors. Highmolecular weight heterocyclic aminothiazole adduct (ATS) is prepared through epoxy ring opening reaction of epoxidized soybean oil (EPS)with 2-aminothiazole (AT) at 120 oCfor 3 hours. The reaction product is characterized physically and is evaluated with infrared spectroscopy (IR) and gel permeation chromatography (GPC). The preparedATS is investigated as corrosion inhibitor for carbon steel in both 0.8 M HCl and 3.5% NaCl mediums. Weight loss, scan electron microscope (SEM) and corrosion tests are different used techniques to prove the efficiency of ATS to protect carbon steel from corrosion. Effect of the type of exposure mediums of carbon steel on the efficiency ofATS is studied. It is found that high molecular weight heterocyclic ATS can protect carbon steel from corrosion. The corrosion inhibition efficiency of ATS increases by increasing its concentration in both 0.8MHCl and 3.5% NaCl mediums. ATS shows high corrosion inhibition in 3.5% NaCl medium and moderate corrosion inhibition in 0.8 M HCl due to protonation of ATS at low PH medium and the protonated ATS, becomes weakly adsorbed on the carbon steel surface.

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